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Ensuring that you get the best e-cigs possible

e-cig-typesReal cigarettes are passé and everyone knows that. The new popular alternative are e cigarettes that are safer, cheaper and much more socially acceptable than real cigarettes. You can find almost a thousand varieties of electronic cigarettes online and the range is baffling. For newbies in particular, the sheer range of electronic cigarette kits can be overwhelming. This is where we come in as the premier electronic cigarette UK website dealer online. We offer a range of services for novice and gourmet smokers that are not available anywhere else.

24 -7- customer services

Customers need help while they are searching for the perfect e-cigs kits & e-liquid. Most websites don’t really care about this and they may sell you the cheapest or the most expensive kits; they leave the choice to you. We don’t do that. If you need help, our customer service section is more than happy to help you find the best e cigarette kits. They will match your requirements to available kits and you get exactly what you require.


Kit and refill price is very important. This is where we triumph as well. We offer a great selection of cheap and affordable kits from all across the world and we even have a complete collection of gourmet international kits that are great as well. All of our kits are affordably priced and they are sorted according to taste, brand, price and manufacturer as well.

Warranty and returns

When you order from us, we make sure that the kits are checked and protected with a complete warranty. The actual time period of the warranty will vary according to manufacturer and brand. You can return the goods in a week if you are dissatisfied with the kits. We also offer free shipping but do check before you order the kits.


As we work solely online, we can afford to price our kits low. At the same time, we can store a very large inventory of items. Some of our most unique items include starter kits, disposable kits, vintage kits and even gourmet kits for enthusiasts.

The bottom line

You need to get in touch with us to find the best and most affordable e cigs online. We have almost every variety available in the UK in a range of prices and tastes. Take the time to browse or simple order our sample packs to understand how electronic smoking works. We are always happy to help.

How Can I Find The Best Electronic Cigarette There Is

The best electronic cigarette out there won’t be that hard to locate if you just take some time to find what is right for you. This article will go over how simple it is to find the best for whatever situation you’re in. Here are some tips that will help you quite a bit.


Know that you’re not going to want to just start picking up electronic cigarettes if you’re not already someone that has a nicotine addiction. If you don’t already have this kind of an addiction, then at least get an electronic cigarette that has no nicotine in it. If you don’t, then you may end up getting addicted to the nicotine in electronic cigarettes, and it will be hard to kick this addiction later. Read up on why nicotine is harmful so that you know what you’re getting yourself into if this is something you just have to try.

Always look to see if you can find a coupon for the electronic cigarette that you’re thinking of buying. For instance, if you’re getting ready to check out an an e-cig site and you see that there’s a space for a coupon code, chances are that there are coupons out there that you can use to make the price go down on whatever you’re ordering from that site at the time. Just take a few moments to look up the company’s name along with the phrase “coupon codes” and you should be able to come up with a few results.

There are so many types of electronic cigarettes out there that you’re probably going to want to try a few before you decide to up and get a brand that you think you’ll like. Each brand out there has a number of flavors that you can go through as well just to make sure you’re getting one that will work with the needs you have. Don’t just sit there and think you should go with the first kind you try because you like it. There are probably many brands out there that are a better deal if you’re able to just keep looking.

You may want to go to a place where you can try something out and if it doesn’t work they will let you return it. If they don’t let you return something, then it’s going to be a pain if that item breaks on you and you can’t get it replaced. Always keep your receipt and also make sure that returns are accepted at where you got the item from. You’ll be happy you did once you realize that you can take the item back if it were to give you any trouble the first few times you use it.

A good thing to do would be to see if a certain brand has a starter kit that you can use after you try out a few of their disposables. Most brands will offer some kind of a kit with a USB charger, some cartridges, and also the base unit to use with your electronic cigarette cartridges. This is a good kit to get because it will save you some money. You’ll be able to then just buy cartridges that will meet your needs and you will save quite a bit of money in doing so.

As you can tell, it’s not hard to get good electronic cigarette deals if you just know what to look for. This guide should have helped you with this so that you can get the best electronic cigarette for you and your needs.

Which Is The Best Electronic Cigarette UK?

rBVaGlZsvtOAI_jNAAPtA0435Ak275If you’re wondering which is the best electronic cigarette UK, you should know that there are actually five brands that vie for the title. These are E-Lites, Totally Wicked Ego-Slim, Liberty Flights Vision Ego, Totally Wicked Odyssey, and Innokin iTaste Express.

The top ratings were based on a survey done on regular smokers, social smokers and switchers, or from smoking cigarettes to vaporizing e-cigs. The factors considered in the testing included the so-called throat hit or that feeling you get when you inhale smoke, stylish form (or lack of it), ease of use and battery life.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming the in-thing in the UK with smokers or “capers” making their own communities online and organizing their own festivals. This makes you wonder: what makes e-cigarettes so interesting?

Well, aside from the fact that you can smoke all you want and not have to worry about the tar or the nicotine you’re ingesting (you can choose your nicotine level with e-cigs), ultimately, what makes them appealing is the price.

Maintaining a tobacco habit is expensive in the UK. Briton typically spend over 100GBP in tobacco cigarettes on a monthly basis. E-cigarette, however, won’t even set you back 40GBP when you buy a starter pack. The cartridges are even cheaper to buy. So, if you do the math, you can save 60GBP on your first when you use electronic cigarettes and save more money as months go by.

There are chain smokers, however, who switch to e-cigarettes with the firm belief that, while they’re not really good for your health, they’re not that bad either. But is it really the case?

Because of their nicotine content, these devices are never good for your health, however, they can be better than regular tobacco smokes. Why? As we said, they don’t have any tar. Also, you can choose your nicotine level to low or none at all. You need to know, however, that there are still no studies that conclusively comfirm how vaping or inhaling vaporized nicotine can affect your health, although you can pray it doesn’t have any efffect at all.

If you’re curious about how e-cigs differ from regular cigarettes in terms of taste, you need to try it for yourself and get yourself a starter kit.

While there are e-cig devices that look and feel like cigarettes, there are those that look like hookah pipes. You don’t need a match or a lighter to puff them. An e-cig has about three parts, a cartridge filled with liquid, a vaporization chamber as well as a battery pack. If you puff, the liquid in the cartrdige is transformed into vapor that you can inhale. When you’re done with the beginner pack, you can buy cartridges for refill.

Precisely because e-cigarettes have different flavors – from tobacco, menthol, fruits, cinnamon to vanilla – it’s almost like you have a smaller hookah in your pocket. And indeed, whatever flavours you will find in hookahs, you can also get it in electronic cigarettes.

There are numerous websites that offer e-cigarettes in the UK. As with anything else, before buying do some comparison shopping with at least three online store. Also, read the reviews by real vapers.

In all, e-cigarettes have advanced significantly. While in the past people thought of them as tacky alternatives to normal cigarettes (hard core tobacco cigarette tobacco users would be caught smoking them). Right now, they’re more exciting and they might just take the place of regular cigarettes. Again, if you’re excited about buying an e-cig starter kit, make sure you read the reviews by other users.